Ace Clark (@AceClarkMusic) Is Fighting 'The Good Fight' 2
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Ace Clark (@AceClarkMusic) Is Fighting ‘The Good Fight’

Hailing from Brooklyn, Ace Clark is all about love, family, positivity, & joy. Ace’s music is just as contagious as his smile.

His debut project ‘The Good Fight‘ is a medley of classic Neo-Soul & clean cut Hip-Hop that will make your heart & your mind feel at peace. The debut project has assists from top tier emcee Skyzoo, Brooklyn artist Dyme-A-Duzin, & the Queen of the PeaceCoast Nitty Scott, MC.

Ace Clark On 11.5.2015 [Press Photo]

Very rarely do you hear a hip-hop artist that sings who doesn’t make you feel like they’re just a rapper who’s singing. It’s almost as if both are a hand in glove fit & lend themselves to each other.

What’s Goin On” (featuring Nitty Scott, MC) [Music Video]:

Who Am I?” (featuring Skyzoo) [Music Video]: