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According To Fox News’ Juan Williams, Ben Carson Is ‘More Urkel Than Thug Life’

Fox News contributor Juan Williams said on Sunday that he had trouble believing some parts of Ben Carson’s biography because the Republican presidential candidate was more like the television character Urkel than the hip-hop group Thug Life.

During a panel segment on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace pointed out that recent media reports calling into question Carson’s honesty about his violent past and academic anecdotes had become a problem for his campaign.

“This reminds me of a lot of rappers,” Williams observed. “They hype, they embellish, they exaggerate for the sake of presentation — the biography in this case.”

“With the high school incidents… I think it turns out he’s more Urkel than Thug Life,” he added. “And that’s the Ben Carson I know. I know the guy and I’m just telling you, he’s a wonderful guy but I never thought of him as any kind of thug or attacking people.”

Williams argued, however, that Carson’s story was “inspirational” regardless of recently discovered discrepancies.

“His books end up in evangelical bookstores, homeschooling book stores,” the Fox News analyst remarked. “That’s how he’s known to a lot of people and they love him for that inspirational bootstraps-up, Jesus-touched life — his miracle life.”

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