8-Year Old Twins Create Bottled Water Company For Kids

8-year old twins Brazil & Princeton Dowe, the founders of Water 2 Kids [Press Photo]

You don’t have to be a grown-up to be an entrepreneur. These 8-year-old twins from New York City are only in the second grade, yet they have started their own company, Water 2 Kids, bottling water just for kids.

How they got started

Brazil and Princeton Dowe noticed that many kids don’t drink water and often drink soda instead. They both had a vision to create a product that would give children a healthy option, so they developed bottled water that comes from the natural springs of the mountains, and branded it to attract kids.

“Kids don’t drink a lot of water because they don’t see it in the store, just for them,” Brazil explained.

Their idea worked because now they are selling their product in 17 convenience stores and delis in the NYC Bronx area.

With mom’s help, of course…

The twins’ mother, Alina Dowe, is 100% on board with her children’s mission and business. She hopes that Water 2 Kids will encourage more children to switch from soda to water and benefit more children than just her own.

She helps with the logistics and coordination of getting the water bottled in upstate New York and then distributed to stores and delis in the Bronx.

But what about school?

The twins continue to attend school, do their homework, and participate in other activities while running their company. They are busy, but also glad to be a part of a company that will make a difference in the lives of kids.

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