Here Are 7 Websites & Apps To Help You Locate Black-Owned Businesses
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Here Are 7 Websites & Apps To Help You Locate Black-Owned Businesses

There are so many reasons why it is important to support Black-owned businesses. Black-owned businesses represent just 7 percent of all small businesses in the U.S., but they create jobs and contribute to the economic strength of urban communities.

Many more people would like to support Black-owned businesses by buying their products & services, but they often lack information on where exactly they are located. So, here are 7 websites & apps that will help you find & support Black-owned businesses across the globe:

  1. A social networking site for Black entrepreneurs, professionals, & consumers. The site includes a business directory, networking forum, online marketplace, blogs, & more.
  2. A local business search app with up-to-date information on Black-owned businesses in the Atlanta area. The businesses are listed across categories and even ranked according to the number of referral counts received by peers.
  3. The largest online marketplace for Black businesses & sellers. Black-owned vendors include clothing & accessories, jewelry, toys, and games for children, health & beauty products, products for the home, and more.
  4. A website of global Black businesses & Black professionals. Their slogan is “We Help Afroworld Professionals & Consumers Connect“. The site allows consumers to search for African-American professionals & businesses by specialty or location, and compare quotes, reviews, & profiles on each Afroworld professional.
  5. Produced by Tag Team Marketing, this site specializes in marketing the products & services of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers. Business owners from all over the world can sell their products & services through the online store, and consumers can shop for products they know are made from Black-owned companies.
  6. An online marketplace to find quality products from selected Black-owned businesses. They also have a mobile app that allows customers to search Black-owned products & services.
  7. An online initiative that encourages people to spend $20 every week with local and/or online Black businesses. Their goal is to create two million jobs for Black workers and eliminate unemployment for Blacks by the year 2017.