50 Cent Speaks On Trump Administration, Verzuz Battles, Pop Smoke + More w/The Breakfast Club

50 Cent Speaks On Trump Administration, Verzuz Battles, Pop Smoke + More w/The Breakfast Club

The one and only 50 Cent hopped on the line to check The Breakfast Club in what’s happening in his world.

Things kicked off with a quick update on singer Jeremih’s hospitalization due to COVID-19. Fif mentioned because he didn’t have any pre-existing conditions that would usually cause his condition to be so serious, people in Jeremih’s camp didn’t expect the results to come back positive for coronavirus. He went on to confirm that he was on a ventilator, but is doing a bit better.


There was also a question of whether the New York artist would engage in a Verzuz battle. Given there’s an upcoming match up between Gucci Mane and Jeezy who used to have their own beef, could 50 and Ja Rule put their differences aside to go head-to-head. Short answer: No. Most of it comes down to the fact that he doesn’t see the need to.

Their [Murder Inc.] punishment is watching my success.”

T.I. found himself on the lighter end of a public back-and-forth with “Get The Strap” rapper, which resulted in a settlement of differing opinions. But Tip has a way of finding himself in the headlines for making outlandish comments and Curtis has a way of finding himself in getting pulled in. His “don’t bring your beef to Atlanta” IG PSA following King Von’s death was the most recent that had everybody on attack mode. Especially Von’s sister who told 50 to check T.I. Jackson had his own opinion about the tasteless comment but still tried to bail his frenemy out.

He just made a mistake…He’s in a different place. You can see the statement – there’s nothing wrong with the statement he made about Atlanta being positive and productive and supportive of other people doing things. But in the climate when things are happening and they just lost a loved one. They don’t care nothing about what you talkin bout. When you say ‘Don’t bring your beef to Atlanta,’ that’s like – you don’t usually schedule where it’s gonna happen…Of course you didn’t put the name in it. You wanna back pedal out of it because you know it wasn’t the right thing to say.”

A conversation about Pop Smoke was obviously a highlight. Jackson opened up about what made the late rapper appealing enough in order to embrace and work with him.

When I get really excited about the artist, I see some of myself in them. Like with Pop Smoke, that’s why I participated with it. You know if you heard somebody sound faintly similar to you, we didn’t like it because we was like, ‘Oh he biting his style.’ When I heard him sound like – I go, ‘Yo, I wanna meet him.’ When I meet him, he’s talking to me and his speaking voice is like mines.”

He was 20, 21-years-old. His entire life I been hot. So you look up and see he’s got passion for music and music culture is right in front of you in that way and I’m there the entire time. He’s modeling himself after me and I’m going, ‘Why would I be standing in the way of that?’

When it comes on to the current climate where it seems like violent rap beefs are trending, the OG feels like there’s only so much that can be done to help the youngins coming up. Rather than preaching what not to do he feels letting them “bump their heads” a couple of times is what’s needed to learn proper lessons.

Find out how 50 compares OnlyFans to pimping, new movie ventures on the way, defining what a real “tough guy” is, and much more.

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