5 Underrated Artists That Deserve The Light [2016 Edition]

Famous quote by Tupac Shakur, "Don't support the phonies, SUPPORT THE REAL"

After the successful debut of last year's entry, "5 Recent #Underrated Rappers That Deserve The Light", I decided to give this editorial series another go for 2016. Like last year, The DigiSpot has picked 5 of the most underrated artists that will bless this post with their presence. On that note, here are the artists to watch out for in 2016 below…

  • Dyce Payne: This Brooklyn native, a rapper/singer signed to Jadakiss' SoRaspy Records & The LOX's D-Block Records, has shown that some artists can be multi-talented without trying instead of forcing it like most popular artists have done. His debut mixtape 'The Break Up Mixtape' is a perfect example of how Dyce can mesh both genres together with no problem.

[xyz-ihs snippet="DycePayneTheBreakUpMixtapeDatPiffPlayer"]

  • Isaiah Dreads: With British Hip-Hop & Grime artists following trends this day in time, there will always be a certain few that will stick to the lyricism that has help shape Hip-Hop music & culture into what it's been known for from the beginning. 18-year-old Isaiah Dreads happens to be a part of that certain few. You can give his latest freestyle with UK media outlet SBTV a listen below…
  • General Chryst: With Vann Digital Networks being a North Carolina-based company, it wouldn't make sense for us to do this editorial without showcasing an NC-based artist. That artist happens to be Rockingham native General Chryst. With most Carolina artists currently jumping on the trap/sauce wave, Chryst displays the lyricism that North Carolina Hip-Hop has always been known for. Give his latest EP, 'October Sessions', a listen below to see for yourself.
  • SoFree Wisdom: Keeping it on the North Carolina tip, The DigiSpot presents you, R&B artist SoFree Wisdom. SoFree is a woman of many talents ranging from: singer, comedienne, DJ, & more. With her main focus as a singer, SoFree shows that powerful & uplifting R&B music can still be created. Her latest single, "The Only One", is sure to uplift people's spirits.

  • Don Flair: While The DigiSpot currently has little information on this Richmond, Virginia native, Don Flair shows that he can move with the best of them from the trappers to the lyricists. His 2014 single, "Replay", is a good example of what we mean.

Is there any other underrated artist that you feel should be on this list??? Do you agree with my picks??? Let it be known by putting your votes in below!!!

*This list is not in any particular order!!!