5 Tips for Insurance Agents Just Getting Started

5 Tips for Insurance Agents Just Getting Started

Beginning a new career isn’t easy, especially for people selling insurance. Many new agents face the same questions about their burgeoning career, like what they should sell, who to go to for advice, and where to start their client list. If you’re just getting started as an insurance agent, check out our helpful tips for starting your career on the right track!

Learn Everything About Your Product

The best place to start for any salesperson, whether they’re selling insurance, used cars, or hot dogs, is to learn everything they can about what they’re selling. Since you’re new to your industry, you’ll be behind your colleagues and competitors. It’s up to you to close that gap as quickly as possible.

Read up on everything related to selling insurance, and attend workshops or training sessions to get familiar with what you’re selling. You want your clients to feel like they’re talking to an expert when they speak with you.

Find a Mentor

Another great tip for insurance agents just getting started is to find a mentor to guide them through the difficulties of the career. No matter your career, someone with more experience can provide invaluable advice from what they’ve learned in the field.

Your mentor doesn’t have to be in your industry—a fellow entrepreneur or salesperson can also offer valuable advice. Support and counsel from someone who’s been through much of what you’re currently going through will help you achieve your goals and reach greater heights.

Protect Yourself

Before selling insurance, you must be insured yourself! Even experienced insurance agents need malpractice coverage, so find a policy to protect yourself as a rookie. As every insurance agent knows, that safety net is integral to financial stability. Along with standard liability insurance, get errors & omissions insurance for protection against mistakes.

Begin With Friends and Family

Many new insurance agents face the issue of where to start once they’re ready to sell. The simplest and best strategy is to begin with friends, family, and acquaintances. Start by making a list of everyone you know, literally.

Everyone needs insurance, and people you know are more likely to buy from you than strangers. From the initial list, ask for referrals and recommendations of others who may be interested. Then, you can grow your client base.

Don’t Fear the Cold-Call

You can’t be a successful insurance agent by only selling to family, friends, and acquaintances. The only way to build a client base and network from scratch is through the dreaded cold call. It can feel daunting at first, but it’s important to get your name out there and fish for clients, even if you don’t get any sales or leads.

Beginning Is the Hardest Part

We hope our tips for insurance agents just getting started will help you begin your career on the right foot. Selling insurance isn’t easy, especially at the beginning, so don’t get discouraged if you struggle. Keep these tips in mind and focus on getting better every day. We’re sure you’ll eventually get a breakthrough!