Keep Calm & Stop Dick Riding [Meme Artwork]
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5 Signs Of A Hip-Hop Dickrider

A while back, I wrote an editorial titled “Am I Hating Or Am I Just Giving My Opinion???” where I listed four scenarios concerning the issue of hating versus giving an opinion. This time around, I present to you the other side of this issue (which I’ve been meaning to write on but kept putting it off) which focuses on dickriders. While dickriding pretty much occurs across the board, I’d like to focus on the five signs of Hip-Hop dickriders (keeping the theme of this outlet in mind).

  1. They have an unhealthy obsession with the artists they idolize/worship: Now there’s nothing wrong with looking up to a rapper that you like listening to. But when you start wanting to talk like them, dress like them, or even look like them, it becomes an issue that might take psychiatric care (or more) to work out.
  2. They believe that the artist can do no wrong: Critical thinking becomes a lost concept when it becomes obvious that some artists publicize their questionable lifestyles on social media (or any other media outlet) with an agenda behind it. But it’s pointless to even try getting this across to a dickrider because they will go to great lengths to make excuses for said artists’ actions. It is also pointless to debunk any excuse they make because…
  3. They will resort to tearing down anybody that disagrees with the artist in any way, form, or fashion: That’s right!!! You knew I would take it there some time or another. It’s cool to like an artist that you listen to but you also have to be open to accepting that not everybody will like the artist, regardless of how you feel. If the artist puts out wack music from time to time, you best believe that most people will not let a song play out without sharing their opinions on it. If an artist is living a questionable lifestyle (refer back to the 2nd sign), you best believe that most people will speak on it.
  4. The only music they know of exists on the television & on the radio: Then there’s this issue. Dickriders believe that the only Rap music that’s available lives in two places. They don’t care to be bothered with crate-digging (online & offline) because they’d rather have all of their music needs spoon-fed to them. And on top of that…
  5. They believe only broke losers live in the underground: Underground rap is an unknown music genre to many a Hip-Hop dickrider. Because most of them have been raised on “sauce” (as it’s now known), cars, clothes, models, drugs, & violence, any rapper that doesn’t focus on these topics are labeled broke losers or something to that effect.

So these are 5 signs to know that you are dealing with a Hip-Hop dickrider. Are there anymore signs that haven’t been listed here??? Let it be known in the comment box below…