5 Recent #Underrated Rappers That Deserve The Light

Editorial: 5 Recent #Underrated Rappers That Deserve The Light

Going off my recent editorial piece “5 Recent New Rappers That Deserve WOAT Status”, I will elaborate more on the 5 recent underrated rappers that I feel deserve the light. Like the previous editorial piece, I will push this article more depending on the reception & demand I get for it. Without holding you up for too long, let’s go in once again!!!

  • SkyBlew: Here’s a rapper from my home state that I’ve been following for years & he’s now just starting to get his just due. Nerdcore rap is not exactly what’s happening right now but it rides hard enough for me to keep my ears to SkyBlew. If you ain’t feeling Nerdcore now, the visual below will hopefully change your mind.

  • Oswin Benjamin: With his witty wordplay & hard-hitting metaphors, the New York rapper shows that he can bang with the great rappers that came before him. And with the moves Benjamin has been making recently, 2015 looks to be a great year for him. This 2013 gem (which is not on below will show you what I mean.

  • Vic Spencer: With the Drill music scene being popular in Chicago, there’s always a rapper that sets themselves apart. That rapper happens to be Vic Spencer, who has recently signed to Sean Price’s record label Ruck Down Records. The following visual below goes harder than any Drill song any day, in my opinion.

  • Raz Fresco: Another recent Duck Down Records signee, Toronto rapper Raz Fresco (who also happens to be one-fifth of BKR$CLB) is an artist you keep your ears to. It also wouldn’t hurt for you to give remaining four BKR$CLB members your ears as well. You can give this music video a watch below to see what I’m saying about Fresco.

  • Mark Steele: Another rapper from my home state, Mark Steele shows you why his talent should be recognized. One (or a few) listens to Steele’s spits & you’ll see there’s more to Southern Hip Hop than Trap music. Don’t believe me??? Give this visual for a track we ran here on a watch below…

Do you agree with my picks??? Let it be known by putting your votes in below!!!

*This list is not in any particular order BTW!!!