5 Recent New Rappers That Deserve #WOAT Status

Editorial: 5 Recent New Rappers That Deserve #WOAT Status

Going off my last editorial piece "Controversy Beats Talent…True Or False???", I want to elaborate more on 5 recent new rappers I feel deserve the title of WOAT (Worst Of All Time and/or Wackest Of All Time, whichever work for you). I might push this particular article more depending on the reception & demand I get for it. But without holding you up any longer, let's go in!!!

  • Kevin Gates: This guy has been on VannDigital.com lately for all the Ls he's been taking with his recent controversies. On top of that, I don't really see the big deal about him when it comes to his music. I don't know, maybe you see or hear something I don't. But I'll post this visual below & you can let me know if I'm trippin or not.

  • Rich Homie Quan: I remember having a debate with an affiliate about this rapper (if that's what you want to call him). Quan doesn't need much elaboration as even the dumbest person in the world can listen to 1 song by Quan & know he'll never make it. You can see a good example of this below…

  • OG Maco: Well apparently, some people think that anything Maco put out is good music. It's a good thing I'm not some people because it's already clear that I have a different ear from his "fans" (see what I did there). The visual below is not a good example of good music & as a result, it deserves the title of WOAT.

  • Young Thug: Now you know damn well I had to add him to this list. Personal life aside, you might as well give Young Thugger Mother Fucker a Hang It Up Award & be done with it when it comes to his music. So I finally gave "Stoner" [30 seconds of] a listen for the first time & there's a reason he's known more for his controversial lifestyle than he is for his music.

  • DeJ Loaf: Somebody thought I was trippin when I said she was wack. After hearing 2 of her spits (and I'm using that word loosely here), including in her recent visual below, I just don't see it happening for her. But I can be wrong though. But then again, no I ain't.

What are your thoughts on these five??? Let it be known by putting your votes in below!!!

*This list isn't in any particular order BTW!!!