5 Rap Groups That Should’ve Made It

Editorial: 5 Rap Groups That Should've Made It

There’s always focus on solo rappers when it comes to who’s underrated, who got slept-on, or who should’ve made it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the press coverage solo rappers get. But what about the rap groups that are underrated or slept-on or should’ve made it??? This day in time; Wu-Tang Clan, G-Unit (to an extent), The LOX, & DipSet (to an extent) come to mind when we hear about rap groups. From the Golden Age until now, here are 5 rap groups that I feel should’ve made it.

  • Main Source: The Canadian/American rap group that introduced the world to Nas (then known as Nasty Nas) & that rapper/producer Large Professor was once a part of had a lot going for themselves talent-wise. But from what I heard (and correct me if I’m wrong), they refused to dumb it down for the masses so it would never happen for them like it should’ve. Main Source has since broken up.


  • Brand Nubian: This was another group I was rootin’ for in the early 90s. But unfortunately, they would be 1 of the first rap groups (as well as some of the first rap artists) to become more known for controversy & less known for their music. The men of Brand Nubian are currently pursuing their solo careers.


  • Little Brother: This is a group from my home state that had the potential to help bring real hip hop back to the mainstream. But major cosigns from artists & industry execs at that time were not enough to prevent the combination of industry politics & individual egos from bringing this trio down. Little Brother has since broken up.

  • Lords Of The Underground: This is another 1 of my favorite 90s (as well as overall) rap groups that I feel should’ve gone further than they did. But I’ll never know why it never happened for them even though it would be interesting to know. The Lords Of The Underground are still unified as a group today.

  • Boogie Down Productions: This is an age-old story that still needs to be told. This trio (which KRS-One was one-third of) was 1 of those late 80s rap groups that were on their way to greatness. But the murder of DJ Scott La Rock (among other things) would keep this from happening even though The Blastmaster would keep the BDP brand going for a few more years as a solo artist. My question now is: What could’ve been if DJ Scott La Rock was still alive today??? The world may never know.


*This list is not in any particular order BTW!!!

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