5 Hip-Hop Execs Called Out For Random Reasons

Editorial: 5 Hip-Hop Execs Called Out For Random Reasons 5

Too often in the hip-hop industry, artists are being called out for every fucked up thing in the book. But very rarely, do the executives that control the artists (let’s call it for what it is) get called out for the same things artists get called out for & there’s no shortage of fuckery when it comes to execs. But every so often, there are a chosen few that are always caught in the call-out crossfire. And VannDigital.com will give you a glimpse of those execs below…

Birdman In 2013 [Press Photo]

Birdman: Since the inception of Cash Money Records, Bryan “Birdman” Williams has been accused of robbing his artists blind of royalties as well as other kinds of monies that Cash Money artists are entitled to. Birdman’s alleged shady business practices have caused the breakup of The Hot Boys, certain other artists leaving the label, and Lil Wayne wanting off the label & taking Young Money Entertainment with him. Most of the time, there’s no case if there’s no concrete evidence. But if different people in different time-frames are calling you out for the same shit, everybody can’t be wrong, ya know???

Marc Ecko In 2013 [Press Photo]

Marc Ecko: Famous for always talking reckless, the man who brought us Ecko Unlimited & Complex Media (more on them in a minute) has endured his share of criticism. Some years ago, he was called out for making racist comments about Sammy Sosa. In recent years, Ecko has been accused of being a culture vulture with Ecko Unlimited as well as his latest venture Complex Media, which started out as a hip-hop magazine but is now a website that leans more in the pop direction. And while we’re still on culture vultures…

Damon Dash Chopping It Up With Hip Hop Motivation Corporation [Photo Artwork]

Dame Dash: Being blackballed from the music industry hasn’t stopped Rocafella Records co-founder Dame Dash from being the target of accusations. His call-outs range from being accused of ripping people off to being a culture vulture (there’s those 2 words again) to engaging in beefs with certain record execs, including 1 executive in particular that we’ll touch on next. It’s been a hard road for Dame since the fall of Rocafella Records, but VannDigital.com hopes he gets it together some time or another.

Lyor Cohen In 2014 [Press Photo]

Lyor Cohen: There’s no limit to the fuckery Lyor (or Liar, as some people call him) has been accused of. Ranging from ripping off musicians as well as other execs, straight-up talking reckless to other people, & being a culture vulture (those 2 words keep coming up for some reason) himself, there seems to be no end to the drama that Liar, my bad, Lyor finds himself in the middle of. He recently seems to be engaged in a beef with Dame Dash over past wrongs (where the words “culture vulture” stem from), starting with the fall of Rocafella Records, which I believe is still ongoing.

Puff Daddy In 2014 [Press Photo]

Puff Daddy: You know I couldn’t write up this list without including this man in it. From ripping off artists & execs @ his Bad Boy Records label, which seems to be no more, to his controversies outside entertainment, there’s no chill for the man known as Puff Daddy, my bad, P.Diddy, my bad, Swag, my bad…I give up LOL!!! It’s worth mentioning that Puff Daddy is 1 of many that has accused Lyor Cohen (see above) of ripping him off in the past. Another notable mention is the “Let The LOX Go” campaign, which started as a result of Puffy’s alleged ripping off of The LOX when they were Bad Boy artists, that picked up so much traction when I was in high school.

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*As always, this list is not in any particular order!!!

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