4 Cops Shot In 4 Cities Within 24-Hour Time Period

4 Cops Shot In 4 Cities Within 24-Hour Time Period

Ambush shootings of police in three states on Sunday have left one officer and one suspect dead.


Authorities say in San Antonio, Texas, a police detective was killed while writing a ticket in his squad car. They say the gunman pulled behind 50-year-old Detective Benjamin Marconi's squad car, got out of his vehicle and shot him twice in the head.

The suspect, described as a Black male, reportedly got back into his vehicle and drove off.

And in St. Louis, an officer sitting in traffic was shot twice in the face but is expected to survive. Authorities say the gunman had pulled up to the officer's marked vehicle. The suspect was later killed in a shootout with police. St. Louis police think their suspect was wanted for other violent crimes and feared being recognized.

Two other reported incidents in Gladstone, Missouri and Sanibel, Florida involved police officers, but authorities are not calling the incidents "targeted."

In Gladstone, a police officer and suspect were shot, and the Sanibel officer was shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop Sunday night. He was treated and released.