39-Year-Old Man James Garcia Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Killing Mother’s Dog After She Wouldn’t Let Him Have Sex In Her Home

39-Year-Old Man James Garcia Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Killing Mother's Dog After She Wouldn't Let Him Have Sex In Her Home

One man has been arrested after allegedly killing his mother’s dog in a fit of rage, according to authorities.

James Garcia, 39, was arrested Saturday on charges of cruelty to animals after police said he threw his mother’s dog.

On Oct. 24, Garcia got into a fight with his mother after she said he couldn’t have a woman over to have sex in his bedroom, court affidavits said. Garcia had been living with his mother on and off for the past four years.

During the argument, Garcia allegedly picked up Roxy, the small dog, who was laying on the sofa nearby and threw her nearly 20 feet into the kitchen, where she hit the hard floor, affidavits continued.

Garcia’s mother took the dog to the veterinarian’s office, where she was pronounced dead. The veterinarian’s office said the throw caused the dog’s heart to burst and it eventually bled to death, the affidavit said.

Garcia was arrested after returning to the house while reporting officers were still on scene. He told the officers he was “terribly sorry for throwing the dog across the room” and that “he didn’t like hurting the dog,” the affidavit said.

He was held on a $5,000 bond, and according to Bexar County records, Garcia has already been released.

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