3-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest DJ To Win South Africa’s Got Talent

3-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest DJ To Win South Africa’s Got Talent

If this little amazing DJ looks familiar, you’ve probably have seen him before. Since DJ Arch Jnr was two years old, he has been making music videos for YouTube. Many of his videos have gone viral in the past year and a half.

However, his biggest accomplishment in the eyes of the public happened recently when the phenom became the youngest person ever to win South Africa’s Got Talent. He may be the youngest ever to win any version of the popular talent search show around the country.

Dr Arch Jnr sets up behind his turntables and two laptops to crock the crowd, but it is his passion, energy and fun he has that wins people over. Not to mention he has an incredible sense of timing for his age and a clearly musically inclined talent.

The price for winning the talent search competition for the DJ and his family was R500,000 or $35,000 in US dollars, a hefty sum for a three year old.

When asked what’s next for DJ Arch Jnr, his father said:

“We are just going to keep on doing, what we’re doing. He’s still young and there is still a lot that will happen as he grows and mature. For now, he’s still a kid and he’s just going to continue as he does. He goes to crèche and DJ because he loves it. Tomorrow is another day.”

Absolutely love, love, love this father’s response. No need to pressure or force the child into one direction. His genius lies on many levels, so let’s follow his passion and see what tomorrow holds.

Either way, we wish him and his family nothing but the very best!

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