3 Black Women Are Making Waves In This Market…

The founders of The Hood Incubator: Biseat Horning, Ebele Ifedigbo, & Lanese Martin

One of the fastest-growing industries in America today is legal marijuana used for medicinal purposes, yet very few people of color can break into the business. In fact, Black ownership in the legal industry is less than 1%. But three visionaries from California want to change this!

Their vision

Biseat Horning, Lanese Martin and Ebele Ifedigbo have launched an organization called The Hood Incubator, specifically designed to help people of color become entrepreneurs and investors in the medical marijuana industry.

Their byline is “Connecting the Underground Market to the Green Economy,” and their goal is to educate and teach Black entrepreneurs how to become legal owners of a marijuana business, and how to get access to funding.

Breaking down the barriers

These visionaries want to break down the barriers that have prevented Blacks from getting in on the ground floor. Their services include legal assistance to obtain licensing, advice on marketing, sales and financing.

They even have health clinics that educate people on the medical benefits of medical marijuana. By partnering with other companies, they have also been able to offer apprenticeships for people who may be looking for employment opportunities in the medical marijuana industry.

For more details about their organization, The Hood Incubator, visit www.HoodIncubator.org

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