3 Black Teens Get Hit By Truck Only To Be Charged w/Incident

3 Black Teens Get Hit By Truck Only To Be Charged w/Incident

With white supremacy having a big influence on damn near everything in America, this latest incident comes as no surprise to me.

According to RollingOut Magazine:

Normally, a single vehicle crash does not cause this kind of controversy and raised eyebrows.

But this one that involved pedestrians and a truck is creating a great deal angst in Ville Platte, Louisiana, about an hour northwest of Baton Rouge.

Three Black teens were reportedly hit by a pickup truck while walking home at night, and they are the ones now facing fines, but the driver is not.

The teens were fined by police for not wearing reflective gear and for obstructing a public passage.

“Almost died. Everything went up black,” said Tevin Wilson of the harrowing experience of being hit unexpectedly.

Wilson and Dionte Williams are two of the three teens hit last week while walking along the roadside. The area does not have sidewalks.

The police report says they were four feet from the shoulder of the street when they were hit because the driver did not see them.

“I’ll take the reflective gear charge but that other charge, we wasn’t doing that. we wasn’t on the street. We were on the side of the road.”

The teens believe the driver of the truck should be charged with something instead of being able to walk free, which he has so far.

“At first, he was going to keep going until one of us who did get hit told us to stop. everyone started coming out of their house, but if they didn’t come out of their house, I really believe he was going to keep going.” Wilson said.

They are still in shock that the incident happened at all.

“He bumped us. He just got escorted to his house and the cop asked him for his insurance. Law enforcement needs to get their stuff because that is not right.” said Wilson.

Ville Platte Police Chief Neal Lartigue assure the media the case is being investigated and future charges against the driver are still a possibility.

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