2nd Trailer For ‘Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé’

2nd Trailer For 'Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé'

Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé – Official Movie Trailer #2 [HD]

Synopsis: “Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé” accentuates the journey of “Renaissance World Tour”, from its inception, to the opening in Stockholm, Sweden, to the finale in Kansas City, Missouri.

It is about Beyoncé’s intention, hard work, involvement in every aspect of the production, her creative mind and purpose to create her legacy, and master her craft.

Received with extraordinary acclaim, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour” created a sanctuary for freedom, and shared joy, for more than 2.7 million fans.

Starring: Beyoncé, Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z
Written By: Currently unknown
Produced By: Currently unknown
Directed By: Beyoncé, James B. Merryman

Release Date: December 1, 2023
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