2nd Clip For ‘Boneyard’ Movie Starring 50 Cent & Mel Gibson

2nd Clip For 'Boneyard' Movie Starring 50 Cent & Mel Gibson

Boneyard – Official Movie Clip #2: ‘Serial Killers For A Minute’ [HD]

Synopsis: When the skeletal remains of eleven women and girls are discovered in the New Mexico desert, an extensive investigation is launched.

Inspired by true crime stories, this chilling crime-thriller follows Detective Ortega (Brian Van Holt), Police Chief Carter (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson), and Agent Petrovick (Mel Gibson) in a multi-agency effort to identify and apprehend the killer.

As each of their agendas and methods clash, a tangled web of intrigue casts suspicion in all directions.

Starring: Brian Van Holt, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Nora Zehetner, Michael Sirow, Mel Gibson, Gabrielle Haugh, Weston Cage, Spice Williams-Crosby
Written By: Vincent E. McDaniel, Asif Akbar, Hank Byrd, Koji Steven Sakai
Produced By: Colin Bates, Tamas Nadas, Asif Akbar, Vincent E. McDaniel
Directed By: Asif Akbar

Release Date: July 2, 2024
Copyright: © 2024 Avail Entertainment/Busy Day Productions/Dream Team Productions/FilmLens/Lionsgate Films

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