21 Savage Makes Appearance On Drake’s “Table For One” Show

21 Savage Makes Appearance On Drake's "Table For One" Show

Drake drops second episode of “Table For One” with special guest 21 Savage on SiriusXM’s Sound 42.

Ahead of the release of his new album with 21 Savage ‘Her Loss‘, Drake debuted the second episode of “Table For One”, his SiriusXM show on his exclusive channel Sound 42.

The show aired on Thursday, November 3 at 9:00 pm ET and will be available on the SXM App.

During the three-hour episode, listeners heard the premiere of the new album, commentary from Drake, and special mixes.

The mixes included songs from Toni Braxton, Blink-182, Slick Rick, Lil Yachty, Aaliyah, Drake himself, and many more.

21 Savage joining Drake on the special episode live from Forte Dei Marmi in Miami, to talk about their new album, returning to London, their biggest ‘Her Loss’ stories, and more.

Additionally, Drake opened the show paying tribute to his friend and fellow rapper Takeoff, calling his passing a “tragic loss for all of us” and noting how they had “formed a brotherhood.”

“Table For One” on SiriusXM’s Sound 42 rebroadcast schedule:

  • Friday, November 4 at 6:00 pm ET
  • Saturday, November 5 at 2:00 pm ET
  • Sunday, November 6 at 1:00 pm ET

Drake Honors Takeoff’s Memory, Rest In Peace: “A Tragic Loss For All Of Us”

Drake: Before I get into the pleasantries, I’d just like to send our deepest condolences from the family to, um, to the entire QC to our brother Quavo, to our brother Offset to the friends and loved ones of the legendary, unprecedented Takeoff. A guy that I knew for a long, long time. Um, I’m sure people know how we started, of course, with Versace. And from there, you know, we’ve formed a brotherhood. I always talk about the fact that this is one family. My friends in the music industry are not friends, they’re family. So, our deepest condolences, tragic loss for all of us and, uh, you know, a dark cloud over, over this business that we love so much. And man, I just encourage everybody to lock into that mindset no matter where you are, you know. It’s just really, uh, you know, it’s, it’s a life that’s, that’s worth living and everybody deserves that chance. So, uh, it’s unfortunate that one of our dear, dear brothers had to, had to leave us this week. And it’s tough to even talk about. I don’t even know how to really, I don’t have the words. I feel like I’m rambling. But yeah, again, our deepest condolences from the family, um, and we love you and I appreciate the memories. Appreciate the memories, and right on cue. Of course, my brother Chubbs walks in, somebody who I would be nothing without. So that’s that.

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21 Savage: Who, who you think your biggest loss would be? No names, but who you think took the biggest hit when they lost Drizzy? They lost the boy.

Drake: You know, I feel like I, I, I, I encounter a lot of full circle moments. I approach things with a, I approach things with transparency. I approach things with a pure heart. I think a lot of people don’t know how to deal with that, because they want things their way or, you know, they’re looking for something. If I tell, if I tell somebody, like, “Look, you know, let’s build on this level. You know, I’m, I’m willing and able to do these type of things for you, but ultimately, you know, my life doesn’t, my life isn’t designed for the traditional situation. I don’t work up the road and I can’t be home at the crib every night at 6:00 PM.”

21 Savage: On God.

Drake: At the crib that we share. Like, that’s just not life. You know? Like, I can’t imagine like clearing out half of my closet for somebody else type shit.

21 Savage: On God.

Drake: It’s just not, that’s just not where I’m at. So, I feel like I’ve always been clear about that. And then, and then people, you know, just kind of conduct themselves how they conduct themselves and then come back around a year later, two years later, three years later. “Oh, I was tripping. I was…” Uh, but I don’t know the biggest loss. There’s a lot of people that played themselves. I told you, I was like, I was even going back to like, back in the day reading like, I was just looking at shit. I was looking at like, I was like, “Damn, I can’t believe I let this girl talk about me like this, like publicly.” Like I had to really take that in. Like, I was like, “Damn, like we were really so locked in and like, you, like you went in this interview and spoke about it like it was nothing to you.”

21 Savage: Yeah.

Drake: Sometimes, that shit just caught up with me, like in my like mid-thirties and I was like, “Damn, I really like, didn’t even remember that quote.”

21 Savage: How you took it though? Like, now. How you take it now, like it hurt but it be like…

Drake: No, I think it’s just like I’m where I’m supposed to be, you know. Thank God I didn’t like blindly invest my like life and energy and time into that, and then I’m cooked. You know, and I like, you know, I got a kid with this person who I can tell via like, article text doesn’t fuck with me like that, you know? So, um, you know, so I, I, I feel like it’s all, I’m, I’m at a, I’m at a point of clarity and like realization of self. I know what I’m capable of for somebody and I’m willing to tell them that like on the first date. I’m willing to be like, “Look like this is what I’m capable of. I’m capable of making great memories with you. I’m capable of, you know, being supportive. I’m not the best texter, I try my best.” But, if we share similar interests, it gets easy. If you’re just bad and your life is about being bad, then we, we probably don’t have that much to text about on a daily basis. But if you fuck with music and I can like ask your opinion or if I could ask you which album cover you like better then we probably are gonna have more dialogue as opposed to just like, you’re bad. You know, and it’s another night of vaping and drinking like fucking Casamigos

21 Savage: And hookah.

Drake: Yeah like, well don’t diss the hookah. I got the hookah here. You make me feel basic.