2 New Clips From Starz Original Series ‘Power Book IV: Force’ – Season 1, Episode 7

2 New Clips From Starz Original Series 'Power Book IV: Force' - Season 1, Episode 7

Starz presents Power Book IV: Force – Official TV Series Clips: ‘All Mine’ & ‘Gun Protection’ [HD]

Synopsis: Tommy’s new product is spreading like wildfire across Chicago. Business is growing and the money is rolling in, but the current success isn’t good enough for Tommy. He wants to own the entire city and is determined to figure out how to do so, no matter the cost. Desperate to be on top, Tommy turns to an expert to help him and his crew take over the drug landscape. Tommy and his new business partner butt heads when Tommy makes a decision hoping the outcome will advance him to the top of the street ranks. Meanwhile, Jenard and Vic have a rousing encounter with a new drug.

Starring: Joseph Sikora, Isaac Keys, Lili Simmons, Gabrielle Ryan, Shane Harper, Kris D. Lofton, Anthony Fleming III, Lucien Cambric, Tommy Flanagan
Written By: Various
Produced By: Aaron Carew, Frank L. Fleming
Directed By: Various

Release Date: March 20, 2022
Copyright: © 2022 End Of Episode, Inc./Atmosphere Entertainment MM/G-Unit Films and Television Inc./Lionsgate Television/Starz Originals/Starz!

All Mine“:

Gun Protection“:

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