2 Cops Involved In Breonna Taylor's Murder Get Fired

2 Cops Involved In Breonna Taylor’s Murder Get Fired

Two more cops involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor have recently been fired.

One of the cops involved is believed to have fired the shot that murdered Taylor and the other cop is the one that got the search warrant that led to the raid that ended in Taylor's murder.

Louisville, Kentucky officials made the news be known on Wednesday (1.6.2021).

The news came not long after said officials announced that former Atlanta police chief Erika Shields will take over the Louisville Police Department after months of unrest concerning Taylor's death.

Erika Shields served as Atlanta police chief for 25 years, including more than three years as chief.

Her run as Atlanta police chief ended after she resigned back in June 2020 when Atlanta cops murdered a Black man named Rayshard Brooks in a restaurant parking lot.