1st Trailer For Showtime Original Series ‘Supreme Team’

1st Trailer For Showtime Original Series 'Supreme Team'

Showtime presents Supreme Team – Official TV Series Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: In collaboration with Mass Appeal as part of Showtime’s HIP HIP 50 banner, the “Supreme Team” documentary chronicles the Supreme Team, the notorious Queens, New York crime syndicate, and tells the real story directly from its two leaders, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and Gerald “Prince” Miller. Through the voices of these two infamous entrepreneurs and the syndicate’s members, as well Hip Hop legend LL Cool J, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, journalist Joy Reid, singer Ashanti, producer Irv Gotti, and others in the local community, politics, law enforcement, academia and popular culture, viewers are given access beyond the headlines to examine the broader cultural dynamics and the impact that this small group from South Jamaica, Queens has held on hip hop and society at large.

While the Supreme Team reached its height in the ’80s and ’90s, the documentary series spans across six decades. Prince and Supreme begin by recalling the youthful decisions they made in the 1970s that would so greatly impact each of them later in life. What followed was a tightrope walk as these two men navigated choices that could land them as leaders of their industry, or behind bars for life – all the while getting sucked into the chaos in their community which has an impact that is still felt to this day. America has a long history of illegal activity as the seed for success: From bootlegging to the plausible deniability in the pharmaceutical industry of today, “Supreme Team” tells the story of why that path that’s been modeled isn’t designed for everyone.

Starring: Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Gerald “Prince” Miller, LL Cool J, Mayor Eric Adams, Joy Reid, Ashanti, Irv Gotti, Nas
Written By: Cameron Dennis, Camara Rose, Peter J. Scalettar, Nasir “Nas” Jones
Produced By: Camara Rose
Directed By: Peter J. Scalettar, Nasir “Nas” Jones

Release Date: June 19, 2022 [Tribeca Film Festival] | July 10, 2022 [Showtime]
Copyright: © 2022 Mass Appeal/Showtime Networks