1st Trailer For Paramount+ Original Movie ‘As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial’

Paramount+ presents As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: Filmmaker J.M. Harper crafts an astonishing cinematic equivalent of the blistering emotional force of rap music itself in “As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial”, a Sundance 2024 competition entry.

Harper’s cinematic composition follows rap star Kemba surveying major artists in influential rap music centers including triple 2024 Grammy winning rapper Killer Mike from Atlanta, and more influential musicians in New Orleans, Chicago, London, and Kemba’s hometown, The Bronx.

Harper and Kemba uncover how rap has been not only irrationally demonized in the past 30 years and how racist responses to the art form have been used to secure unjust convictions in the U.S.’s carcel system, but how this disturbing trend is part of a larger 400-year history of the criminalization of Black music and Blackness itself.

Starring: Kemba, Killer Mike, Mac Phipps, Alexandra Kazarian, Ari Melber, Jody David Armour, John Hamasaki, Franklyn Addo, Malik Allen, Miles Ananda, Arthur Sutton & The Gift of Praise, AXL Beats, Bun B, Jamaal T. Bailey, Katie Got Bandz, Andrew Barber, Bobby Barron, Heidi Berg
Written By: Currently unknown
Produced By: Sam Widdoes, Peter Cambor, Sam Bisbee, J.M. Harper
Directed By: J.M. Harper

Release Date: February 27, 2024
Copyright: © 2024 District 33/Park Pictures/Strike Anywhere/Paramount+

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