1st Trailer For ‘Night Walk’ Movie

1st Trailer For 'Night Walk' Movie

Night Walk – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: A charming ladies’ man, Frank has no intention of settling down. That’s until he meets a beautiful and intelligent Arab woman, Sarah, one incandescent night. Their romance takes off and Frank decides to propose to Sarah during a journey in her home country. One night abroad, corrupt Arab police discover the couple in a compromising situation. They provoke an incident that snowballs. As the protagonists try to escape, the police open fire, accidentally killing Sarah. Fearful of an international backlash, the police frame Frank for murder, aided by a crooked American judge, with his own selfish business motives. The judge summons Frank back to the U.S. to serve his unjust sentence. Assaulted as soon as he arrives in prison, Frank is saved by his cellmate Ayman, a moderate Muslim convert who unwillingly enrolls him in the powerful gang of Muslim fundamentalists he uses for his own protection. Desperate to prove his innocence, Frank resorts to breaking out of prison to seek revenge on those who destroyed his life.

Starring: Sean Stone, Mickey Rourke, Sarah Alami, La Fouine, Eric Roberts, Louis Mandylor, Patrick Kilpatrick, Richard Tyson, Ricco Ross, Tommy “Zeus” Lister Jr., Aziz Tazi
Writer: Aziz Tazi
Producers: Tatyana Bulgakova, Alex Cooray, Ivana Nguyen, Aziz Tazi, Mostapha Mellouk
Director: Aziz Tazi

Release Date: June 15, 2021
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