1st Trailer For ‘Faya Dayi’ Movie

1st Trailer For 'Faya Dayi' Movie

Faya Dayi – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: Ethiopian legend has it that khat, a stimulant leaf, was found by Sufi Imams in search of eternity. Inspired by this myth, “Faya Dayi” is a spiritual journey into the highlands of Harar immersed in the rituals of khat, a leaf that Sufi Muslims chewed for religious meditations – and Ethiopia’s most lucrative cash crop today. Through the prism of the khat trade, “Faya Dayi” weaves a tapestry of intimate stories of people caught between violent government repression, khat-induced fantasies and treacherous journeys beyond their borders, and offers a window into the dreams of the youth who long for a better life.

Starring: No known actors
Written By: Jessica Beshir
Produced By: Jessica Beshir
Directed By: Jessica Beshir

Release Date: September 3, 2021 [New York] | September 17, 2021 [Los Angeles]
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