1st Trailer For BET+ Original Movie ‘Dear Best Friend’

1st Trailer For BET+ Original Movie 'Dear Best Friend'

BET+ presents Dear Best Friend – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: Dawn Goldie is a painter who seemingly has the perfect life. Thriving gallery, loving husband Alex, and adorable 2 year old son Lennox; but the tragic death of her best friend Cori two years prior still plagues her. On her birthday, Dawn mistakenly receives a mysterious gift, a novel, which immediately captivates her attention. Dawn’s obsession with the book causes her to neglect her business and home life, which doesn’t sit well with Alex, who chastises her and attempts to confiscate the book. Alex, who has his own agenda, bombards Dawn with requests to fund his latest business venture, but she declines his request and Alex begins to lose patience with her. Dawn, oblivious to Alex’s secret plans, becomes more engrossed in the novel, which is eerily familiar to the life of her best friend. Dawn soon discovers that the novel may hold a deeper secret to Cori’s life and death. One that also puts Dawn’s life at risk. With time ticking away, will she uncover the truth or will she meet the same deadly fate as Cori.

Starring: Jeremy Meeks, Andra Fuller, Asia’h Epperson, Dennis L.A. White, Trina
Written By: DeShon Hardy
Produced By: Melissa Llewellyn-Alston, Tressa Azarel Smallwood
Directed By: DeShon Hardy

Release Date: January 13, 2022
Copyright: © 2022 MegaMind Media/BET+/BET Original Movies/BET Networks

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