1st Trailer For @FollowTheScript's Upcoming Movie 'This Side Of Town: Chronicles Of Omar'

Follow The Script Multimedia presents This Side Of Town: Chronicles Of Omar [Movie Artwork]

"This Side Of Town: Chronicles Of Omar – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]"

Synopsis: Omar Classon Jr. aka B.O., the son of a slain drug dealer from Queens, New York, is what you would call a product of the environment. After the death of his father Omar Classon Sr., he was taken in & raised by his then business partner Denise Jones aka Aunt Niecey. The story begins 20 years after the death of B.O.'s father.

Under the tutelage of Aunt Niecey, B.O. has become what you would call successful in the local drug trade with the help from his cousin Pop acting as an enforcer and best friend Lodi who keeps him grounded. Problems arise when Aunt Niecey discovers B.O.'s been pushing other product different than hers.

The plot thickens when B.O. discovers that a homeless man from the neighborhood named Money Murph is an old friend of his fathers. Money Murph revisits the past with B.O. and reminisces on the old times. Murph tells a different story from what B.O. was told concerning his father's death. All the truths come out in a dramatic ending that you have to see to believe.

Starring: Cassandra Fleming, Daniel Thomas, James Brickhouse, John Palomino, Christian Barber, Joe Jenkins, Naomi Pandolfi, Kim Akia
Writer/s: Kwaz Fraser
Director: Kwaz Fraser

Release Date: TBA 2017
Copyright: © 2017 Follow The Script Multimedia