1st Trailer For Constance Marley (Bob Marley’s Sister) Documentary ‘Trial By Fire’

1st Trailer For Constance Marley (Bob Marley's Sister) Documentary 'Trial By Fire'

Trial By Fire – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: Inspired by his mother’s diagnosis of CRPS/RSD four years ago, Charles who is a world diabetes advocate, celebrity chef, and also a type 2 diabetic himself, set on a mission to help save his mother’s life from this condition that has not only taken much of her joy but also has crippled her physically. Seeing the need to create a voice for the condition, Charles has engulfed himself in now telling many stories from some of the faces of people living with this condition around the world. Charles has teamed up with some of the top Dr’s to advocates in CRPS/RSD to help get this message out for the almost 2 million living with this condition each day. This has now become a passion as he has been embraced by a community that is looking for a voice.

Director/s: Charles Mattocks

Release Date: February 11, 2016 [Hollywood Film Festival] | April 27, 2016 [The NYC Indie Film Festival]
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