1st Trailer For Camilla Hall’s (@CamillaHallNYC) ‘@CopwatchFilm’

Copwatch (Movie Artwork) [Photo Credit: Adriel Gonzalez]

“‘COPWATCH‘ is not about what happened in front of the cameras, but it’s about those who stood behind them,” –Camilla Hall, “Copwatch” Director

The names of men who died at the hands of the police – Eric Garner (Staten Island, NY), Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO), and Freddie Gray (Baltimore, MD) – The videos of their deaths broadcast around the world horrified us and made us re-evaluate the way we look at law enforcement and sparked national protest about police violence against the black community.

In her powerful directorial debut, which will premiere April 23 at The Tribeca Film Festival, “COPWATCH” director, Camilla Hall, crafts an intriguing and incredibly timely profile of citizen-journalist-activists who are disrupting the ever-present challenge of police violence. Around the nation, a network of regular people take up cameras to bear witness to police actions holding law enforcement accountable to the citizens they serve.

The documentary profiles several WeCopwatch members including: Jacob Crawford (co-founder), who has spent more than 15 years with a camera in his hand documenting police activity. David Whitt (co-founder), a young father who lived in Ferguson and started filming after Michael Brown’sHands Up” shooting. Ramsey Orta, who captured Eric Garner’s final words “I Can’t Breathe” on his cell phone. Capturing Garner’s death was life changing for Ramsey, the only person from the scene of the fatal Staten Island arrest to go to jail. He’s currently serving time. Kevin Moore (Baltimore) awoke to the screams of his friend and neighbor Freddie Gray. He grabbed a camera and ran outside, filming as police dragged the injured young man into the back of a paddy wagon. Freddie Gray would die from the injuries and Kevin’s video, like those before his, were shown to the entire world by news broadcast and online. Like Ramsey, Kevin became a target for making his voice heard and was arrested shortly after he filmed the video while attending a protest.

COPWATCH” is directed by Camilla Hall, produced by Matthew Perniciaro and Michael Sherman for Bow And Arrow Entertainment, executive produced by Oscar-winning duo, TJ Martin and Daniel Lindsay (“Undefeated“), Jacob Crawford, Patrick Hamm, and Tirrell D. Whittley. 2017 Emmy-nominated composer Kris Bowers has created original music for the film.

Camilla Hall is an award-winning journalist-turned-filmmaker. “Copwatch” is her directorial debut after a seven-year career as a correspondent in the UK, the Middle East, and the US. She is also producing “Freedom For The Wolf“, a feature-length documentary about the global rise of illiberal democracy.

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