15-Year-Old Mad @ Jay-Z Over Trump Comments: ‘You Don’t Speak For Us!!!’

15-Year-Old Mad @ Jay-Z Over Trump Comments: 'You Don't Speak For Us!!!'

It’s been a few days since Jay-Z made his appearance on CNN’s “The Van Jones Show”. But unfortunately, what Jigga said on the show that night still has people hot & bothered to this day.

Case in point, a random 15-year-old kid (whatever his name is) that happens to be a Trump supporter is the latest to foam at the mouth about what Hov said about Black unemployment not going down under the Trump administration.

If anybody remembers The Madd Rapper’s “Tell Em Why You Madd” skit (which can be heard before Biggie Smalls’ classic track “Kick In The Door“), they’ll know that this kid brings a whole new meaning to that phrase.

With that said, you can watch the kid have his meltdown for Trump below…