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Video: ‘Tempo’ By Chris Cartier (@ChrisCartierNYC)

Chris Cartier is a fresh new rapper from the Bronx, NY. The 21-year old is ready to break the mold that commercial hip hop has been constrained by with his universally relatable & thought-provoking content. His newest mixtape ‘Black Suburbia’, dropping this Spring, is indicative of the lifestyle that both he & his closest friends come from. Chris grew up in a home where his mother made sure he always had something to eat & a place to sleep. She filled the home with art & music, and educated him about different cultures, as well as instilled in him that anything is possible, as long as you work for it.

The underlying theme driving ‘Black Suburbia’ is not poverty, but complacency, which is relatable at any stage of the game, rich or poor. While Chris himself lived in a nice home, he lived just down the streets from the projects. Even though his home was nice, and looked like everything was good on the outside, his mom was struggling, trying to pay bills & living check to check. Chris knows there are many kids & young adults who are stuck in similar situations, so he put his struggle on wax, and the result is ‘Black Suburbia’.

The first single from the tape, “Tempo”, is this week’s chosen premiere for The Signal. Give it a watch below…

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