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Video: @NegoTrue » Dear Mr. Racist [Spoken Word]

Black History Month“, a month dedicated to celebrating how far we’ve come. However, how far have we actually come? Society teaches us that instead of seeking to correct and elevate ourselves it is easier to stay stagnant and blame others. Nego True’s new track, “Dear Mr. Racist” brings to light these various issues. Although we are legally free, physically and mentally some of us are not; instead of walking in freedom we’re placing shackles not only on one another but ourselves. Having lived in an area where the term “Nigger” is thrown around casually, Nego has been able to witness this first hand and captures this with lyrical precision and thought provoking statements, making you question yourself. How much do you belittle your own race? How much of a racist are you? This is not your generic black history, fist pumping, black power poem. It’s the new truth about our new history….welcome to “Dear Mr. Racist“.

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