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Video: @BarakTheRapper » Johnny Manziel [Dir. @AlexTPierce]

Following up on his ‘Tel-Aviv To Joburg‘ EP with South African producer The Militia, Barak The Rapper’s new single “Johnny Manziel” shows off the rapper’s party side. The title “Johnny Manziel” is after the polarizing college football-soon to be-NFL quarterback. Well known for his politically incorrect off-field actions, Johnny Manziel just wants to live his life the way he desires. If he likes to “party & party” while “not giving a damn“, he has the right to. Barak The Rapper holds that same position, “young & reckless, like Johnny Manziel“.

The Goldo-produced banger carries an abstract instrumental sound with hard hitting punchlines. Graduating from a 4-year university, Barak The Rapper knows a thing or two about college partying making references throughout the track to the college party life. Much like Johnny Manziel, Barak realizes that there will be haters & naysayers “Steady hatin’, rarely state it. To see I made it, bet they hate it“. But that’s all a part of the process.

You can stream this track on & cop it on iTunes!!!

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