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Suge Knight’s Ex-Wife, Sharitha Golden, Speaks On Being Accused Of Murdering 2Pac

A few days after Suge Knight dropped the bomb about his alleged knowledge of who killed 2Pac in a new documentary, Sharitha Golden (his ex-wife)–who happens to be one of the accused–has since come forward speaking her piece on the situation. With all that being said, Golden has taken to everybody’s favorite gossip site TMZ to speak on how she didn’t murder 2Pac in more detail.

She claims that this accusation has affected their oldest daughter in the worse way possible as she has allegedly come under fire in slander campaign claiming that “her dad killed 2Pac“. Golden has since threatened lawsuits against anybody that so much as mention that she played any part in 2Pac’s death.

You can watch the meltdown go down below…

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