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Nigerian Singer Maka (@TheOfficialMaka) Presents The Music Video For ‘Mu Na Gi (You & I)’

When done properly, a performance-driven music video can inspire many things in a listener, such as providing a vision of how the artist actually performs in concert, or adding deeper emotional weight to a song’s narrative. The latter is particularly evident in this new video from Maka, whose heartfelt “Mu Na Gi (You & I)” becomes transcendent through director Rcube Vision’s lens.

That is to say, be prepared for Maka’s stirring single to immediately hit you in the gut upon seeing these visuals. It’s not that Rcube utilizes any emotionally manipulative tricks, it’s simply that you’re getting more from the song as the singer & her lyrics become the video’s focal point.

Nigerian Singer Maka (@TheOfficialMaka) Presents The Music Video For 'Mu Na Gi (You & I)'

Speaking of the track itself, it boasts Maka floating gracefully over the ill production of Teck-Zilla, whose sample flip may have some Hip-Hop heads reaching for Cru’s classic debut single, “Just Another Case”. He makes it his own here, however, and certainly the same can be said for Maka & the stunning “Mu Na Gi”.

You can also stream & cop this track via iTunes | SoundCloud | Amazon | AudioMack!!!

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