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MP3: P.SO The Earth Tone King (@ItsPSONow) & @2HungryBros feat. @LiKWUiD – American Apartheid

“What Happened to Sandra Bland?”

P.SO The Earth Tone King & 2 Hungry Bros. collaborate on this heavy banger, featuring LiKWUiD, called “American Apartheid“. The two emcees tackle the persistent itch under the skin of America’s racism. P.SO questions his role in today’s cultural landscape while LiKWUiD shares a story of being pulled over by the police. The two MC’s use Hip-Hop to vent their personal frustrations in a positive way. 2 Hungry Bros. provide a dark, piano-laced soundscape for P.SO & LiKWUiD to share their views.

HiPNOTT Records in unison with 2 Hungry Bros., P.SO, & LiKWUiD will be releasing a series of their musical treats on select Tuesdays for you listening pleasure.

American Apartheid” Lyrics:

My crew on a poster
There’s troops in the water
Goons by the quota
I groove like a soldier
One move and it’s over…
I’m bout to lose my composure

they smooth like a cobra
There’s troops in the water
Goons by the quota
I groove like a soldier
One move and it’s over…
I’m bout to lose my composure

Game night
Got the Nikes with the clasp on
Black 5 panel wit a Guy Fawkes mask on–
Stage Fright
heard the Python laugh strong
He’s a big chicken like,
Foghorn leghorn

Looney and my tunes napalm make you face palm
Arm legga leg pray on this is red dawn
And The Feds Wrong rep strong and there’s lead storms Had slave sheets now they handing out Arrest warrants –
Somebody tell me what happened man – – The fuck happened to Sandra Bland
master plan bout to grow like a cancer man, there’s a turf war like it’s India and Pakistan,
Happenstance, think not why they laughing man so I get drunk, Kung-Fu like I’m Jackie Chan a train car, yeah I’m usually the Blackest man
America, it’s the fate of an African


“Yo P.SO why you actin type weird?”
I had an edible, 3 joints and 5 beers
We gonna win the pennant I tell ya it’s my year
we the pioneers Sipping on drinks wit my peers
Sometimes I go insane Mind fill up with ideas I be
losing memories Memento like Guy Pierce
The Police lurk through the ghetto and ride fierce
Send a SWAT team at us cause we got on FLY gear
stunting that they hard but they more like a Light beer
over-react arrest a J walker in Riot gear Turn a
wife to a widow they crying with Wide tears
my dear–
Your Hope just died here
welcome young man, American Nightmare
wrong place, wrong time, they giving you
These fake News Reports Are all up in my ear

As I lie here, I tear, thinking bout my fears

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