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Mixtape: ‘Jazz For Autumn Kismet’ By SkyBlew (@HeySkyBlew)

In honor of his favorite producer/inspirations Nujabes​ (whose bornday was on February), SkyBlew dedicates his new mixtape ‘Jazz For Autumn Kismet’, which is presented by,​ in his honor…Condolences goes out to Nujabes as well as J Dilla from Vann Digital Networks!!!

SkyBlew had this to say:

“Nujabes music connects with me on a spiritual level & inspires me beyond what I could of imagined, so it’s only right…”

You can also download ‘Jazz For Autumn Kismet’ on MediaFire!!!

As an added bonus, you can give SkyBlew’s music video “Parallel Echoes” (which appears on the ‘Link6 Presents The SkyBlew Compilation’ that he dropped in Korea) a watch below…

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