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Martin Shkreli Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Ghostface Killah Diss

Picture that kid you went to high school with that got their ass beat everyday just for the hell of it. Then when that same kid touch some paper, they start flexin’, saying shit like “fuck everybody“, “I’m the shit & you ain’t“, & other crazy shit like that.

That seems to be the situation with everybody’s favorite dickhead, the Pharma Bro himself, Martin Shkreli. It wasn’t enough that Shkreli recently jacked up the price of AIDS medicine, he’s also been engaged in beef with the Wu-Tang Clan (starting with The RZA & most recently, Ghostface Killah [see the following video below]).

So not long after this video went public, I knew Pharma Bro would be getting Donkey Of The Day for this. You can hear what Charlamagne Tha God has to say on the matter below…

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