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@LocalMu12 (@The_17th @BroadwayBarrett @Fokeezy) » Unhappy (@LoyaltyDigital) [MP3]

FokisBi Coastal crew Local-Mu12 drops 1st official single “Unhappy” and preps for releases of their yet to be named debut album. Produced by The 17th, “Unhappy” is a fun and entertaining song that everyone at some point in their life would relate to. It deals with the day to day frustrations and struggles that come along with living but does it in a fun way. The song features Local-Mu12 members The 17th, Fokis, & Broadway Barrett. “I park in handicap spots when theirs only one left, my team lost and I F*&#ing hate the jets. I went to the gym all week and benched pressed for like 10 sets but I still got a little chest” spits The 17th in the opening verse so you get the idea of what to expect.

The clean version is available here!!!

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