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This Is How Lil Wayne Ruined Rap/Hip-Hop Music…

Of course by now, it’s no secret to people that follow me that I haven’t been a Lil Wayne fan since the break-up of The Hot Boys back in 2001 (even though there’s been a semi-reunion of said group since 2009). With that in mind, Wayne (or Weezy F Baby or Lil Tunechi as he likes to be called) has went far downhill since then in both his professional & his personal lives especially with his recent controversies.

Keeping it to his professional life, it’s also no secret that Lil Wayne has been a big thorn in commercial Rap/Hip-Hop music for the longest time. With that said, The Tyshawn Zone takes the time out to elaborate further on how Lil Wayne has ruined commercial Rap/Hip-Hop music below…

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