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Kevin Gates Gets 6 Months In Jail & 1 Year Probation For Kicking Female Fan @ Concert

By now, it’s no secret that rapper Kevin Gates kicked a young woman attending one of his shows in the chest after she dared to touch his leg during his performance in Lakeland, FL — and it was all caught on tape.

Kevin’s legal battle over the incident has been ongoing since August 2015. He even tried to use Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law to claim that he was just defending himself from being pulled offstage by Miranda Dixon, who his defense team painted as an overzealous & aggressive fan.

However, the jury (consisting of six white women) found Gates guilty of misdemeanor battery. Even more interesting is the fact that the judge actually tripled the 60-day sentence requested by the state, making him serve 6 months in jail & 1 year probation with credit for time served, as well as any fines & court fees.

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