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Am I Hating Or Am I Just Giving My Opinion???

Ever since I started Vann Digital Networks back in 2009, there seems to be a word I can’t get away from to save my life. That word I speak of happens to be “hater“. That word has gotten ran into the ground to the point that all it takes is for somebody to have opinion & all of a sudden, “you’re hating” or “why you hating so much for???” or “you can’t be a hater all your life“, you get the point. So with all that being said, I’d like to take a different approach this time around & present 4 scenarios (2 true, 2 false, 4 different situations) & I will leave it to you to determine: am I hating or am I just giving my opinion???

Scenario #1:

  • I’m riding in the car with somebody & there’s 2 tracks from 2 artists I can’t stand playing on the radio. I get point on the spot with the question “which of these artists make better music???” & I respond with “neither damn 1“. The person then says: “Alright now, you’re just hating“. “Stop hating so much“. “You couldve answered this question another way“. So now, am I hating or am I just giving my opinion???

Scenario #2:

  • Back in high school, 1 of my boys was on his way to college on a basketball scholarship. This other dude I was kickin’ it with came up to me saying “Yo man, you hear about such & such getting that basketball scholarship??? He on his way to the top and…“. I cut him off with the statement “Man, I dont wanna hear that shit. You know that couldve been me, right??? So why you over here with all that???” Am I hating or am I just giving my opinion???

Scenario #3:

  • Somebody I know just won the lottery. I go to this person’s house hoping they’re going to break me off with some of that cash. Unfortunately, things don’t go the way I planned when this person told me “no” & I stomped out the door screaming & yelling all kind of shit such as “fuck you & your whole goddamn family. I ain’t never talking to your bitch ass ever again & I hope you get in a motherfucking wreck & die, bitch!!!“. And after the smoke clears, am I hating or am I just giving my opinion???

Scenario #4:

  • 1 of my boys sees this chick he’s been trying to holla at for the longest & she’s finally by herself. As he tells me that he’s getting ready to make a move on her, I stop him in his tracks & tell him “Man, I don’t know why you tryna fuck with that bitch for because that bitch got AIDS. Go head & catch the AIDS if you wanna, that shits on you, yo!!!” Now once again, am I hating or am I just giving my opinion???

You’ve read the scenarios & you’re now welcome to share your thoughts below…

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