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Greensboro Cop Travis Cole Fired For Using Excessive Force On Dejaun Yourse

(AURN) — Footage of a shocking arrest earlier this year of a man who was sitting on his front porch was released last week, prompting lawmakers in Greensboro, NC to ban the arresting officer from the force.

City council stripped officer Travis Cole of his the law enforcement credentials and permanently sanctioned him for using excessive force during the June arrest.

Greensboro Cop Travis Cole Fired For Using Excessive Force On Dejaun Yourse

Body camera footage shows Cole violently engaging Dejaun Yourse, throwing him to the floor of the porch and punching him. Yourse was first approached by a different officer who said that they had reports of a man walking around the neighborhood with a shovel.

Yourse replied that he had simply picked up the shovel that was laying in the yard. He also said that he was waiting for his mother to come home, according to local news WREG.

The council pushed for criminal charges against Cole, but the district attorney refused, saying he wouldn’t “rehash the same evidence,” the Greensboro News & Record reported.

Yourse offers to call his mother and several others to verify his identity. He also says several neighbors could vouch for who he was.

Things took a turn for the worse when Officer Cole grabs Yourse cell from from him.

Meantime, after the controversial footage was released, WFMY News reported, the second officer — Charlotte N. Jackson — resigned from the force.

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