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Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘#RaidersOfTheLostArt’ By @MistaSpot

As I listen to ‘Raiders Of The Lost Art’, the upcoming project from Charlotte rapper Mista Spot, a reminder comes to my mind that there’s still a good bit of untapped talent in the NC hip-hop scene. ‘ROTLA’ is a good example of that untapped talent I speak of cause most of the tracks on here make a listener think (something that seems to be missing from most hip-hop records this day in time). 1 track that comes to mind is “Classic” (featuring singer Ida Devine) which speaks on why old school hip hop shouldn’t exist but classic hip hop should.

Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘#RaidersOfTheLostArt’ By @MistaSpot

On “Pun Intended”, Spot touches on the issue of modern hip hop (or should I say hip pop) as it has no meaning or impact like mainstream hip hop used to back in the golden ages. “Ridiculous” (featuring Sonny Cheeba [of Camp Lo]) goes back to the times when hip hop used to be about having fun especially as Spot & Cheeba trade verses back & forth (which is something else that’s missing from rap music nowadays). Besides the lyrical boom-bap & the tracks that make you use your brain that’s contained on much of ‘ROTLA’, there’s also more laid back jawns such as “Pop Life”, “It’s You”, & “Treat Me Right” to draw in the masses.

ROTLA’ is a good listen for a debut project (which is rare in today’s music industry). While I’m not too crazy about the hip-pop topics myself, sometimes I believe you have to spread yourself out a little bit to make the music work in the modern music industry. While I express my dislike for hip-pop as a whole, diversity is a must on albums (regardless of genre) as the the music business itself has gone through so many changes for the best & for the worst. And that pretty much describes ‘ROTLA’.

Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘#RaidersOfTheLostArt’ By @MistaSpot  Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘#RaidersOfTheLostArt’ By @MistaSpot

There’s pretty much something for everybody on ‘ROTLA’. If you want music that make you think, ‘ROTLA’ got it. If you want to take a trip down memory lane for the “Golden Age Of Hip-Hop“, ‘ROTLA’ can do that for you as well. If you’re looking for hip-pop topics, you can find it on ‘ROTLA’. ‘Raiders Of The Lost Art’ will be available on October 1, 2013 for all to enjoy. -Review written by D. Vann

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