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Audio: Footage From ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Daniele Watts Arrest Goes Public

Sometimes it’s just better to be quiet.

Over the weekend, news circulated around that “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts as arrested for alleged prostitution claims by Los Angeles police. Watts accused the police of wrongfully arresting her over her race after kissing her boyfriend. Now, that wrongful arrest is starting to seem a bit sketchy.

Today, TMZ has received info from witnesses that Watts was allegedly having sex in the car with her boyfriend, with the door open for everyone to see. TMZ also recovered audio footage of the confrontation between Watts and the police officer.

According to the audio footage, Watts not only refused to give the police officer her ID before the officer called for backup and detaining her, but she also acknowledges “how many times she’s been called for being black” and also acknowledges her publicist.

This is only one of the four recordings of the incident, but if what witnesses have allegedly told the police are true, there might be a different take on how we look at Watts’ situation.

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